Who are we?

We are three Cardiff locals,
Mat Wigley - Owner/Designer
Shah Gido - Code Developer
Karen Dunbar - Business Manager


After getting annoyed with large-scale corporate dominance of the local economy, and the difficulty that many small local businesses face getting their brand seen against all that mainstream 'noise'. Mat decided to put a small team together to offer high-end design and advertising services to anyone who needed it; with the hope of boosting the local economy and making some money in the process.

Having previously worked with many SMEs, Mat felt very confident in his ability to achieve his aim, but knew that he needed someone to manage the business whilst he focussed on the creative work, as he was sorely lacking in everyday business skills...

Magma - Creative Solutions
The fiery cauldron of creativity.

After recruiting Karen for that task, he sat down with his old friend Gido and they set about creating the code for a web framework that would be flexible enough to handle most site layouts yet rigid enough not to need re-writing every time they built a new website.

This would mean they could offer truly cutting-edge web technology to people who wouldn't normally consider it, at a price they definitely would consider...

It took a couple of months but they (mostly Gido) did it and are now the proud owners of a CSS framework that is really swish. Taking advantage of recent innovations in web standards, they created a system that will really showcase your content to maximum effect, on any browser, on whatever device you may have.

When you add to that a versatile Ecommerce system, a fully customizable CMS (Content Management System) and high-speed Hosting you're actually looking at a really professional package at a very pedestrian price-point.

Check out our Services for a breakdown of all the features we can offer.